Swiss Tax Refund

If you select Switzerland as destination and the picking up at our warehouse as shipping option, the system will maintain the 22% of Italian taxes: after the export, the customer can send us the original invoice with customs stamp and we will proceed and refund the Italian taxes paid on the value of the purchased products.

This procedure is available only for amounts higher than € 500.00: in order to proceed with the Italian VAT refund, we need to receive the shipping invoice with customs stamp within 2 weeks from the day of the picking up at warehouse.

For example, for an item that costs € 1,200.00 bought from Switzerland and picked up at our warehouse:
- total amount Italian VAT included:  € 1,200.00;
- at the frontier you will be asked to pay € 76,00 for Swiss taxes;
- at this point just send us the original invoice with the customs stamp and we will proceed with the refund of the Italian taxes for a total amount of €216,00 deducting the fee for the international bank transfer (normally around € 15,00);
- € 1.074,00 is the total cost for a Swiss customer who chooses to pick the products up at our warehouse, with a Total Price viewed inside the Quote of € 1.200,00).

For further information, please contact our Customer Care Team.