• Clive

    Clive linear leather sofa

  • Moser

    Moser small sofa with a Scandinavian vintage style

  • Everet

    Everet corner sofa with deep seats

  • Elwood

    Elwood chaise-end sofa and fabric cover

  • Prisma

    Prisma modular sofa system with movable backrests

  • Freesofa

    Freesofa modular sofa with a wooden bench

  • Prisma Air

    Divano modulare con slitta in metallo Prisma Air

  • Noah

    Noah 2 seater fabric sofa

  • Harvey

    Harvey quilted back sofa with melange fabric

  • Halton

    Halton linear sofa upholstered in Nubuck leather

  • Ballantine

    Ballantine reclining backrest leather sofa

  • Miles

    Miles 3-seater fabric sofa

  • Gilmour

    Gilmour modernized retro style sofa

  • Messico

    Divano curvo bicolore Mesico


A collection gathering hi-end modern Italian sofas and couches, entirely bespoke. Each piece is tailor-made in Italy, more precisely in Brianza district, heart of Italian furniture industry.
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• Do you want a modern modular sofa, stylish yet extremely functional?

Ballantine is a sofa with reclining and adjustable backrest characterised by a generous padding and wide seats for the best of comfort.
Clive is a high arm leather sofa with an "uptown" flavour, a real best-seller with a comfortable wide seat and a modern look. Also available in faux leather or fabric.
Everet  a modern Italian made sofa with a single structure and a young trendy line. Deep comfortable seats with big cushions.
FreeSofa is the emblem of modular sofas, adjustable shelves and built-in side table to make the single seats rotate.

• Looking for an sofa with metal high feet for a floating effect?

Miles is a modern compact sofa, with precious handmade details and soft cushions. Perfect to match Italian craftsmanship with a convenient price.
Halton is a design sofa, with particularly high feet, soft down cushions and skilfully applied details for an extremely elegant silhouette.

• Do you want a sofa with a refined design to grab the attention of the whole living room?

Gilmour is a plumb and curvy sofa characterised by a modernized retro style yet suitable for luxury environments. Particularly suitable with a velvet upholstery and accent tones.
Elwood is a modern sofa with a vague vintage flavour. Equipped with classic wooden feet, it can easily turn into a shabby chic piece of furniture with the optional skirt.
Harvey is a sofa with a retro look, comfortable cushions and a charming quilted back. Italian craftsmanship, prime raw materials and a carefully attention to the smallest detail.

• Do you need a comfortable sofa with an extra bed for guests?

Noah is a modern sofa that matches sleek straight lines with down padded cushions; it is equipped with a back shelf and it can also be chosen in its sofa bed version.


The upholstery cover is a very important part of the sofa, for this reason we've put much effort to offer a great range of choices in our Material Samples page.

Fabric sofas are upholstered with valuable Italian fabrics or, if imported, coming from certified trustworthy suppliers. The selection of fabrics available is extensive: from 100% cotton fabrics, linen and natural yarns, velvet, stain-resistant fabrics, machine washable fabrics and a choice of single colours or fancy patterns.

Faux leather sofas are usually considered as "cheap sofas" but HomePlaner ones are an exception, we use only "Made in Italy" faux leather, soft, practical, safe and long lasting. The overall aesthetic look is very similar to real leather.

Leather sofas represent HomePlaneur excellency: only Italian leathers coming from European cattle with a wide range of colours and grains going from printed half-grain leathers to vintage or nubuck leathers, smooth and full grain ones with natural texture or again processed with gloss aniline. Leather sofas are masterfully crafted starting from big cloth pieces and using a reduced number of stitches following Brianza district best tradition.


Browsing through our collections is very easy, use the filters on the top of the page and find the sofa that satisfies your needs:

- use Model filter to select Linear Sofas (2, 3 or 4 seater), Corner Sofas (with "L" shaped side or with meridienne), Chaise End Sofas and Sofas with Armchair;

- use Sofa Width filter to choose how big you want the sofa according to your needs, starting from 100 cm up to more than 4 metres;

- use Sofa Depth filter to choose a sofa with a depth compatible with the space at disposal and your seating style, available from 95 to 110 cm;

- use Bed Option filter to select sofas that can also come with an extra bed.