Sofa Beds

  • Julian

    Julian narrow space-saving sofa bed

  • Noah Slim

    Noah sofa bed with wooden slats

  • Hector

    Hector sofa bed with extra thick mattress, 18cm high

  • Jordan

    Jordan fabric sleeper sofa for guests

  • Damian

    Damian fabric chaise-end sofa bed

  • Derby

    Detail of the easily unfolding sofa bed Derby

  • Colin

    Colin sofa bed with storage chaise longue and Standard squared arms

  • Belfort

    Belfort 3 seater sofa bed with custom arms

  • Austin

    Austin deep seating sofa bed

  • Birba Sofa

    2-seater daybed with rounded armrests

  • Noah

    Noah sofa bed with wooden slats


A collection of comfortable sofa beds, each model with its own precise personality and able to satisfy the aesthetic needs of everyone as well as to fit all kinds of environments. HomePlaneur sleeper sofas are designed to furnish with style the living room. a guest bedroom, a basement, a one-room flat or a second house while keeping an eye on comfort and convenience.
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• Are you looking for an everyday use sofa bed?

Hector is a sofa bed with a 18 cm thick mattress, extremely comfortable and designed for an everyday use. The mattress is available in foam or with springs and is matched with a wooden slats base for the utmost comfort while sleeping. The opening system is easy and quick, you just need to rotate the backrest without removing the cushions.

• Do you want an extra sleeping accommodation in your holiday house?

Derby is a space-saving futon bed, the perfect solution for one-room flats, furnished basements and holiday houses. The quilted fabric cover with ribbons turns into a comfortable and soft blanket.
Jordan is a fabric sleeper sofa with reduced measurements that works as an extra sleeping space for guests.
Both models are equipped with a frontal sliding opening system, sturdy and resistant it opens up with ease and in an instant.

• Do you want a comfortable sofa to use as a bed when needed?

Noah is simply ultra comfortable, great as an everyday bed unique as a sofa. Goose down padding, wooden slats with elastic straps on the seat and a h.13 cm foam or sprung mattress to ensure the highest level of comfort, day and night. 

Looking for a way to combine style and convenience?

Damian is a chaise sofa bed with high metal feet, also available without chaise lounge. You can choose between the large single or double bed version.
Austin is a pull out sofa bed which combines the comfort of a big seat and long mattress with a trendy and modern aesthetic look. Single seat, comfortable and deep, perfect for a living room.

Do you need a sofa bed but you don't have enough room?

Colin is extremely flexible, the perfect balance between a sofa and a bed. The pillow compartment and storage unit under the chaise longue allows you to have an extra space in the room while keeping your blankets and linen well organised.
Belfort is an easy to open sofa bed with a great value for money and HomePlaneur guaranteed quality. Both Colin and Belfort have a range of different armrests to choose from, making them pretty versatile in every kind of space, even narrow ones, while maintaining comfortable big seats.

Are you looking for a daybed for your kids bedroom to use as a single bed?

Birba is a single day bed with drawers or a second trundle bed, perfect for kids bedrooms or guest rooms. Birba turns from a small 2-seater sofa into a single bed while taking up very little space, perfect also under bridge units.


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