• Agata

    Agata swivel armchair with high backrest

  • Annette

    Annette low wooden armchair with cushion

  • Betty

    Betty living room armchair with low seat

  • Colette

    Colette natural oak armchair

  • Dallas

    Dallas lounge fabric armchair with elegant hide-leather arms

  • Frida

    Frida comfortable compact armchair

  • Gilmour

    Gilmour is a 50s style armchair with wooden sabre-shaped feet

  • Gilmour Dormeuse

    Gilmour designer chaise longue

  • Holly

    Holly modern wooden lounge chair

  • Isabel

    Isabel modern bergère armchair with fabric upholstery

  • Marion

    Marion snuggle armchair covered in fabric

  • Moser

    Moser Scandinavian modern armchair with a vintage flavour

  • Olivia

    Olivia retro swivel armchair with high backrest

  • Olivia Rock

    Olivia wingback rocking armchair

  • Rubina

    Rubina compact reading chair

  • Sullivan

    Sullivan wood frame armchair with high back and headrest wings


A collection gathering hi-end modern and contemporary Armchairs, all entirely tailor-made in Brianza or Triveneto furniture districts.
Do you want to know more? Read our suggestions.

• Do you want a comfortable, cosy living room armchair?
Betty is a modern armchair with low seat, extremely comfortable.
Dallas is a lounge chair with leather arms and a pleasant retro vibe.
Gilmour is a 50s style armchair with a generous padding, also available as a fainting couch.
Isabel is a modern bergère chair, perfect for both the living room and the bedroom.
Marion is a very versatile snuggle armchair as it can be chosen as a reading armchair, a lounge chair or a bergère.

• Are you looking for an upholstered armchair with warm wooden details?

Annette is a low wooden chair in solid wood with a comfortable cushion.
Colette is an upholstered armchair with a comfy seat and solid wood armrests.
Holly is a wooden lounge chair with a quilted leather seat, exclusive elegant design.
Sullivan is a wingback chair with high backrest, also available in a low lounge model.

• Do you want a swivel armchair for the house or the office?

Agata is a swivel armchair with low or high backrest, great value for money.
Olivia is a retro swivel armchair with high back and wrap-around shapes for the utmost comfort.
Rubina is a compact modern reading chair, perfect for the living room, bedroom or in an office as a waiting chair. 

• Are you looking for a rocking chair?

Olivia Rock is a modern wingback rocking armchair extremely comfortable for your relaxing moments; wooden sleds.



Usually placed in the living room reading corner to create a place where to relax and peacefully rest your mind. The armchair is definitely the focus of this area: here some suggestions to choose the right one.

We recommend armchairs with high back if you're going to use them for a long period of time: the cervical area is well supported and the lumbar cushion keeps the lumbar area comfortable, the back has a full support. Side wings or an additional headrest cushion make them perfect for a short sleep.
Have a look at the following models: Agata, OliviaSullivan.

Choose Bèrgere armchairs if you want something with a more traditional taste: from the elegant leather ones to those with a more retro style made out of velvet; fabric upholstered armchairs with skirt are perfect for a shabby-chic look. Bèrgere chairs are ideal for those who look for a classic reading chair.
Have a look at the following models: Isabel, Marion.

The dormeuse, day-bed or fainting couch is the suitable model for all those who prefer to lay down and stretch their legs: the back / armrest as well as the decorative small cushions offer the right support for the back.
View the models: Gilmour.


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