HomePlaneur delivers in Italy always with furniture specialised carriers in order to guarantee a high standard of service and product integrity during shipping. Small packages can be shipped by express courier. In Europe and in the World shipping is handled by specialised or groupage carriers. All our products travel covered by an All Risk insurance.


You will receive an email once the products have been shipped. The carrier will then contact you by telephone (normally one day before delivery) to inform you of delivery date and time range, from Monday to Friday. For this reason, it is very important to add an active mobile phone number while registering. Deliveries are not "by appointment": the customer's availability is taken into consideration in line with the carrier's delivery plan.


Shipping Times have to be added to the Production Times found in each Product Card. For Europe between 1 and 3 weeks according to the destination whereas for US and Canada between 4 to 6 weeks. Once the supply is ready the Customer will receive an email requesting the authorisation to ship the products with the first available load. The Customer will then receive a second email with the name of the carrier in charge of the delivery and the day the supply has been dispatched. Once you receive the form to authorise the shipment, please consider that the above mentioned times have to be intended starting from the moment you receive the email confirmation of your supply dispatch.


Deliveries take place exclusively at ground floor (curbside delivery) outside the building or entrance gates. The place of the delivery should be the closest possible to the building and easily accessible to delivery vehicles. In some situations, customers can be asked to collaborate with the driver to unload packages from the loading bed of the lorry/ truck. Some times they can be asked to put at disposal some people to help at the moment of the delivery depending on the dimensions and weight of the purchased products.
For destinations in the USA and Canada local VAT and import taxes are charged to the buyer.

Deliveries at upper floors are available only in Italy, up to the third floor and exclusively for orders above € 1.000,00. Customers must verify the width and height of the stairwell as well as every other passageway to make sure the delivery is feasible.


You can pick up supplies directly at our warehouse from Monday to Friday in via Gianfranco Miglio 1 in Lentate sul Seveso (MB); By selecting Picking up at Warehouse, returns and replacements have to be carried out directly at our headquarters. If you wish to send a carrier of your choice to pick up the supply we strongly advice against the use of non specialized carriers.


HomePlaneur does not offer assembly services. The majority of our products will be delivered pre-assembled: the assembling process normally consists of putting already defined parts together. You can find more information by reading our Assembling pages.


All products will be delivered together with a regular sales invoice valid for a 24 months warranty on manufacturing defects. From the moment of delivery on customers must follow all steps of our Procedure for the Reception and Verification of the Products; we strongly recommend that customers read this page carefully even before the delivery, in this way they will be prepared to go through all the different steps and receive the best possible assistance.


Standard Costs

Shipping Costs are calculated according to the destination and volume of the products in the Quote; the minimum calculated volume is 1 cubic metre.

Free Shipping

Ground Floor Delivery
- in Italy it is activated with an Order Total Amount exceeding € 1.000,00
- in most European countries it is activated with an Order Total Amount exceeding € 1.200,00
in Switzerland, Spain and Ireland  it is activated with an Order Total Amount exceeding € 1.500,00

Additional Fees for Special Locations

Standard Shipping Costs do not include additional fees concerning all those special locations that require special vehicles different from standard ones (12 metres long lorries). For example:

1 - pedestrian zones: where it is forbidden to access by trucks (surcharge to be applied)
2 - areas with narrow acess roads that do not allow for the truck to pass through as well as standard driving operations (surcharge to be applied)
3 - unfinished buildings which are still considered construction sites (surcharge to be applied)
4 - minor islands (surcharge to be applied)

If you think one of these can be your occurrence, please contact us before purchasing for more information; if the special location is not indicated before the order, we will invoice it anyway at the moment of delivery.