Full-grain leather finished with glossy aniline, completely natural.
  • 4209 Perla
  • 4207 Pomice
  • 4205 Creta
  • 4203 Seppia
  • 4202 Bruno
  • 4201 Nero


Full-grain leather with glossy aniline finish; it is made with raw materials coming from the best European production areas; through dyeing and chrome tanning.
The smooth and semi-glossy surface gives to the leather a modern touch. Marks and differences in texture are to be considered an added value for a natural leather of the highest quality, among the most prestigious ones on the market.

Additional Information

Area of Origin Europe
Warnings No
Estimated Times settimana-2
Thickness 1,0 - 1,2 mm
Dyeing through-dyeing
Finishing glossy aniline
Colour Resistance to dry rubbing ≥ 100 cycles
Colour Resistance to Damp Rubbing ≥ 25 cycles
Colour Resistance to Light ≥ 3 bluescale