Rustic Nubuck

Nubuck leather with rustic effect, silky to the touch and napped finish look.
  • Camel
  • Brown
  • Nut
  • Dark Coffee
  • Clay
  • Sepia
  • Grey
  • Black


Nubuck leather with rustic effect from European bovines with chromed tanning.
The effect is obtained starting from Nubuck leather, which is rubbed by hand in order to enhance the peculiarity of each leather. Warm and silky to the touch with napped finish. .

Additional Information

Area of Origin Europe
Warnings No
Estimated Times settimana-2
Thickness 1,3 - 1,5 mm
Dyeing aniline drum dyeing
Finishing Nubuk
Colour Resistance to dry rubbing 50 cicli ≥ 3 greyscale
Colour Resistance to Light ≥ 3 bluescale