Nubuck 3M

Nubuck natural leather, suede finished with napped effect.
  • Shell
  • 621 Brown
  • Sepia
  • Dark Brown
  • Earth
  • Sage
  • Orione
  • Blue Ocean
  • Sand
  • Grey


Grain leather with Nubuck finish in natural grain, from European bovine origin, with chromed tanning.
Buffered surface, velvety touch, suede look with napped effect.
Water-repellent finishing: although the leather is very delicate, the final special finishing (3M test) spread over increases the resistance level to oil and water absorption. The Scotchgard treatment gives leather a greater protection and durability through time.

Additional Information

Area of Origin Europe
Warnings No
Estimated Times settimana-2
Thickness 1,2 - 1,4 mm
Dyeing aniline drum dyeing
Finishing Nubuck
Colour Resistance to dry rubbing 50 cicli ≥ 3 greyscale
Colour Resistance to Light ≥ 3 bluescale