HomePlaneur was born in 2014, when we decided to create the first "digital-native" Italian furniture brand.

From the beginning, we thought of a new type of consumer: creative, intuitive, independent, confident, dynamic and attentive to the possibility to choose every detail...we called it "homeplaneur".

We then chose and selected the best factories or specialised workshops in Brianza or in the Trevigiano district (both set in Northern Italy); together with these partners we worked to develop an offer that satisfies the needs of homeplaneurs and is congruent at the same time with our Values.

Today Homeplaneur is a modern furniture collection, which is so highly bespoke that becomes unique, and with which you can express your personality: you can think and create your furniture comfortably online, and receive high-quality fully or pre-assembled furniture direct to your door step with the the best ever quality-price ratio.

If you feel to be a homeplaneur, we will then wait for you: online, on the phone or in the Lounge.


Enjoy our collection,
Andrea Diotti.
Area D. CEO and Founder.


Value in tradition and in innovation, Quality in craftsmanship and in automation, the Beauty of contrasts and harmony.


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