Annabeth Outlet Mod.A

4 Annabeth chairs with high bent backrest, dining chairs upholstered in hide-leather and proposed at a discounted price. Ready for Shipping.

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Veneto, Italy
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The upholstered chairs by HomePlaneur are made by a Veneto-based company specialised in hide-leather crafting. The extreme ductility of production can suit also covers in fabric, faux leather and leather. The accurate design, the precise and luxurious seams, the simple shapes, the correct ergonomic proportions between seat ad backrest represent only some of the aspects that witness the bespoke manufacturing of covers and the handicraft techniques involved in the production.
Just as for the totally-upholstered chairs, the adjustable or fixed stools with covered or upholstered seat are also designed to guarantee a balance between functionality and comfort.

The inner production guarantees a constant and precise check on the quality and aesthetic of each product. The possibility to rely on the best Italian suppliers of fabrics, faux leathers, hide-leathers and leathers allows customers to personalise the product and choose from time to time the look and personality that need to be given to the chairs according to the environment and the arrangement.

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